A Federal Job Guarantee

Public Money Action’s agenda to secure a federally guaranteed right to a job for every working-age person currently takes the form of a Congressional resolution. A job guarantee ensures that all guaranteed jobs are good jobs with dignified wages, safe working conditions, health care and other benefits, and full worker rights including union protections. The jobs would be public jobs that are on projects delivering public benefits. This resolution secures this guarantee for workers by making it a legally enforceable right and a permanent program funded directly by the US Treasury.


Job Guarantee Website Full Text of the H.RES.145

Here is a full text version of the Job Guarantee Resolution introduced by Rep. Ayanna Pressley [D-MA-7] on February 22, 2021.

Press Release

A Federal Job Guarantee would provide every person with an enforceable legal right to quality employment. The Resolution calls for the creation of federal jobs that meet long-neglected community, physical and human infrastructure needs, such as delivering quality care for children and seniors, building and sustaining 21st century transit systems, strengthening neighborhoods, and protecting the environment. Funded by the federal government and implemented locally in partnership with communities, the program would provide public jobs for all adults seeking employment.

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